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Welcome to the Autism Network N.I.


The Autism Network N.I. is a Charity set up by parents, carers and people with Autistic Spectrum disorder in 2003.

In 2011 we changed our name from the Aspergers Network to the Autism Network N.I. due to the proposed internataional revision of the diagnostic critia for Autism .

It is proposed that from 2013 a diagnosis of Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disoder will replace a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome, High functioning Autism, Pervasive develepmental disoder (PDD) and childhood Disintegrative disorder. 


The Charity is run by a management committee who volunteer their time to help those with Autistic spectrum disoder and their families; our experience comes from living with Autistic spectrum disorder and or caring for someone with Autistic spectrum disorder.